IMEC attends the official opening of the newly refurbished Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) Water Station

03 May 2019

On 25th April 2019, CEO Mr Francesco Gargiulo attended the official opening of the last of a series of projects that were undertaken by IMEC, in cooperation with its social partners MTWTU, aimed at supporting maritime training in the Ukraine.

A donation of around USD 3 million from the Seafarers’ Employment Promotion Fund (SEPF) was made back in April 2016 and the KSMA Water Station was the last of the projects that this initiative delivered.

IMEC, the ITF and its many affiliates vowed to continue to work together as social partners to administer the SEPF and deliver key infrastructure projects wherever the maritime industry needs them.

Previously a full mission TRANSAS DP offshore simulator, GMDSS simulator suite, desktop engine room simulator suite and a full mission engine room simulator, had been inaugurated at the KSMA.

Additionally, a full mission Kongsberg engine room simulator was installed at the National University – Odessa Maritime Academy as well as a fire ground at the Kherson Maritime Specialised Training Centre and an engine room simulator upgrade in the Odessa Maritime Training Centre.



Hilary Ho