IMEC Launches Alumni App

26 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announced that IMEC’s new Alumni App went live on Wednesday 21st November.


The IMEC cadet programme has just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary and over the last decade has produced 1,337 graduates, with a further 150-200 more per year over the next 4 years.  This app has been designed exclusively as a social media tool of our alumni.


Speaking on the day of the launch, IMEC’s Head of Training & Operations, Adam Lewis said:


“We realised that our alumni have a lot of pride in being IMEC graduates.  Many still attend our events and come back as guest lecturers to inspire the current cadets.  Whilst many use Facebook to keep in touch, we wanted to give them a special social media app which was exclusive to them.  The can create their own groups inside the app and connect with fellow batchmates.  More importantly and what Facebook doesn’t do, is to create a voluntary network of IMEC graduates, so the younger alumni can reach out to their more experienced alumni for advice and support”.


The app is available to all alumni of the IMEC cadet programme and will also be made available to the alumni of the IMEC Engine Rating programme, when the first batch graduate in May next year.


Alumni can download the app from Google Play at: or from iOS at:

Stephanie Geminiano