IMEC Participates in the Crew Connect Global Conference

07 Nov 2018



IMEC Participates in the Crew Connect Global Conference


IMEC was very pleased to participate in the Crew Connect Global Conference in Manila again, over the 6th and 7th November.

In his paper entitled “Futureproofing Seafarers through Training”, IMEC’s Head of Training & Operations Adam Lewis described how a dangerous message was being portrayed to seafarers about automation and how he believed seafarers had an important role to play in the seafarer.

He made a comparison to the space industry, which has undertaken a lot of research into automation, which the shipping industry can learn from.  Making reference to NASA’s STS-125 mission to the Hubble telescope in 2003, which was originally planned to be fully unmanned, Adam said:

“NASA eventually sent astronauts on mission STS-125 but the agency saw the research as a complete success, as it proved just how valuable people were in complex operations, who can think on their feet and quickly adapt.”

He added that he saw great opportunity to learn from this research as there would always be unforeseen problems when operating ships.

He concluded that although he predicted automation would result in a reduction of crew, the seafarer of the future would be highly educated, highly trained and very adaptable to undertake a number of complex onboard operations which AI could not.

Hilary Ho