IMEC Participates in HUMANE Workshop

02 Dec 2019

IMEC is pleased to announce that it participated in the recent Human Maritime Autonomy Enable (HUMANE) workshop in Norway.

HUMANE is an academic study of the human element in maritime autonomous systems, being undertaken by the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, which will be concluded in April 2021.

IMEC’s Head of Training ad Operations, Mr. Adam Lewis took part in the HUMANE workshop, which took place on the 28th November.  Further details on HUMANE can be found at:, whilst the recent HUMANE paper from the Journal of Physics can be found at:

The workshop centred around the role of the seafarer on tomorrow’s ships.  IMEC held it’s own conference on the Human Element in Maritime Automation earlier in the year, which concluded that although crew sizes may reduce and the role of the seafarer in the future may change significantly, ships would continue to be manned by humans for many more decades to come.  Videos of each of the IMEC conference sessions can be streamed at:

Hilary Ho