IMEC Participates in Marino World ‘QUO VADIS: MARINA STCW?’ Webinar

28 Jun 2021

On Friday 25 June, IMEC’s Head of Training and Operations Mr. Adam Lewis, participated in a webinar hosted by Marino World, addressing the STCW issues within the Philippines.  The primary guest was VADM. Robert Empedrad, Administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), who gave a presentation on the efforts made to address the European Commission’s (EC) concerns over maritime training within the country.

In his response, Mr. Lewis raised that in line with the declining deployment numbers of Filipino seafarers reported by the POEA over recent years, IMEC’s annual surveys had concluded that there were declining employment numbers of both Officers and Ratings from the Philippines since 2015 by members and an increasing trend from the Indian Sub-Continent.  He added that whilst it was important for MARINA to address the concerns of the EC, a line of communication should also be kept with key stakeholders, as shipping companies could lose confidence in the Philippines as a labour supply country, regardless of any action taken by the EC.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed at:

Stephanie Geminiano