A career in Marine Engineering could be for you

Are you good at mathematics and physics, but don’t fancy a deskbound career?
Do you want a career with early responsibility and genuine promotion opportunities?
Do you fancy training on an 80,000Kw engine?
Do you like the thought of leading a team and travelling the world?

If so, a career in Marine Engineering could be for you!

Every year IMEC sponsors a number of Engine Cadets at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines. IMEC covers the cost of training, board and lodgings for all cadets and they are all allocated to a shipping company from day 1. This means that as long as the cadets pass their exams, they are guaranteed a training berth at sea.

Under the IMEC Engineering Cadetship, we aim to take young professionals from a High School Graduate to a qualified Marine Engineer within 5 years!

So come and Engineer Your Career with IMEC!