Enhanced Cadet Training

The IMEC Enhanced Cadet Training Programme is a four year course which prepares school leavers to become deck or engineering officers.

Since the IMEC cadet programme started in the Philippines in 2006, over 600 cadets have graduated, with a further 480 currently training.

Delivered by the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), it is a renowned industry leader in the training and preparation of deck and engine officer cadets.

The cadet scheme currently boasts a completion rate of approximately 97%.

Each cadet is allocated to a sponsoring IMEC member who provides training berths during the third year, guaranteeing the cadets time at sea. After qualifying, officers return to their sponsoring companies for full time employment.

The programme is funded through the International Maritime Training Trust (IMTT) for the first two years and thereafter though a stipend which cadets earn during on-board training, provided by IMEC members.

Cadets are provided with tuition, teaching materials, uniform, food, accommodation and access to first class training facilities.