There is a growing concern about the supply of well trained, experienced seafarers. To help address this concern IMEC commenced the Enhanced Cadet Training Programme in the Philippines in 2006.

Selection And Training

IMEC cadets are carefully selected and prepared. Before starting the programme, cadets undertake a pre-academic ramping course specialising in mathematics, physics and English.

Each cadet is allocated to a sponsoring IMEC member who provides a training berth during their third year, guaranteeing that all important time at sea. During this year their employer pays into a stipend which then funds the cadet’s fourth and final year at college.

Cadets study at their respective college for two years, completing their time at sea with an IMEC member during the third year, and returning to college for their fourth and final year.

At the end of the course, newly qualified officers are contracted to their sponsoring company on a five year contract, if the company has the capacity to take them.

Sponsoring cadets

IMEC members have the opportunity to sponsor cadets. This gives our members a unique opportunity to participate in the training and development of the future leaders of the industry, as well as access to a pool of high quality, well trained and prepared cadets.

As most of the cadet’s training is covered by the IMTF AMOSUP, sponsors are only required to cover the cost of in-house pre-embarkation courses and a monthly stipend during the cadet’s sea phase. Sponsors’ representatives are also encouraged to attend inaugurations, family and graduations.

For further information, contact Adam Lewis, IMEC Head of Training & Operations