Recruitment & Training Committee

In January 2007, the IMEC Recruitment and Training Committee was created in Cyprus, with a very precise mandate to address the shortage of officers as reported in the recently published 2005 BIMCO/ISF Manpower Update.

A year later, the organisation signed Memorandums of Agreement with the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific and the University of Cebu, signalling the commencement of the IMEC cadet programme.

Over the following 10 years, IMEC experienced a 120% in membership growth, which had a naturally positive effect on the organisation’s training department. By the end of 2010, IMEC had 3 full time Secretariat members dedicated to training and had established a local office in Manila. At the 10-year anniversary event of the cadet programme in 2018, the IMEC Chairman reported that the cadet programme had produced 1,337 graduates, with a further 650 cadets under training.

Today the Recruitment and Training Committee still reports to the Executive Committee but has a much wider scope. Meeting twice per year, it is responsible for setting the strategy of the cadet programme and recently created Engine Rating Programme. It is also responsible for investigating and recommending where investments on training facilities should be directed, such as IMEC’s $3million investment into the Ukraine in 2015/16.

Any full member has the right to apply to join the committee and since 2016, the membership has elected each committee member annually, during a voting process at each Annual General Meeting. Committee members are elected for 2-year terms and will internally nominate a Chairperson on a 3-year term. IMEC’s Head of Training and Operations acts as the Secretary of the Committee and is the members’ contact for any enquiries regarding the committee’s activities or applications.

Typically, the Recruitment and Training Committee will meet the day before Executive Committee meetings and will make any recommendations that they feel necessary.

Click here for an organisational chart of the Recruitment and Training Committee

Dr. Konstantinos Poulis (Greece)

Recruitment and Training Committee Chairman

Dr Poulis is the General Manager of Epsilon Hellas and a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University. He has a wide research, consultancy, managerial, educational and teaching experience across four countries and in the Maritime, FMCG and Publishing industries. He has taught in various Universities (e.g. Manchester, Essex, Queen Mary, University of London, National University of Ireland, ESCP), acted as Director of PG and UG programmes, assumed key institutional roles in the European and British Academy of Management and been a validator or evaluator for several Universities and publishing houses. He holds a PhD in International Business from Manchester Business School and has also studied in the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of Antwerp and UMIST.