Competency Management System for Ratings (CMS-R)

Structured Training Solutions are 
not just for Officers

IMEC recognises the value to its Members of having an effective Competency Management System, to help identify training needs, provide a training structure, and pave a pathway for promotion within the established rank structure. Formally structuring this pathway not only helps improve retention, but build self-esteem and morale amongst those on-board, and lead to improved vessel safety and environmental performance.

In recognition of this, a working group of Members from the IMEC Recruitment and Training Committee in a collaboration with Ocean Technologies Group, identified the need for a more structured approach for training ratings. The result was a Competency Management System (CMS-R) which contains 264 different competencies split between deck, engine and catering departments and is suitable for various ship types.


What's Included?

The CMS-R contains 264 competencies:

– 167 for deck ratings,
– 46 for engine ratings,
– 14 for catering ratings
– 37 competencies applicable to ALL departments.

This resource if FREE to use for all who complete the form below, member and non-member alike. Access is given to all the competencies in an Excel format and guidance to assessors and trainers on how to use the CMS-R.

By completing the form, you acknowledge that IMEC may periodically contact you on updates of the CMS-R and ask for your feedback.

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