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IMEC Conference 2023

Shipping & Seafarers: The Next 30 Years


On April 27th 2023, IMEC Members, invited guests and registered participants attended the IMECCON23 Conference which focused on the future of Shipping and Seafaring, within the next 30 years. Topics such as technology, diversity and changing leadership requirements were explored.

This conference welcomed all individuals who held interests in the wider shipping industry and provided a unique opportunity to network with maritime professionals worldwide.


The IMECCON Agenda and Speaker Notes

Please see below for the outlined agenda for the IMECCON23 Conference and view the speaker notes of the various panellists and speakers who presented.

2023 IMEC Conference Flipbook

Please see below for the IMECCON23 Flipbook, which includes some important insights and reflections from the conference, such as:

  • Challenges of COVID 19
  • Drones, Vessels and Bunkering
  • MASS The Readiness of Maritime Education
  • Encouraging Diversity and more…

2023 IMEC Conference Videos

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